Pottery explores the intersection of handmade beauty in practical life. Through my work I seek to encourage individuals to think about what it means to use art for everyday home use and to expand the range of artistic options for functional objects in the home.

With a variety forms, surface textures, glaze techniques on stoneware clays fired in either gas or electric environments, I create pottery to complement the imagined place these vessels may serve in the hands of the user. In the kitchen, I envision the preparer wanting to make and serve food in pots that function well and invite a pleasant experience. At the table, I believe pottery partners with and adds visual value to the presentation of the food.

I make my pottery at the Duluth Art Institute and at my work place in the woods, Hemslöjd Studio. Hemslöjd means “home craft” or handcraft in Swedish. I chose this name because it connects to values I share with my Scandinavian ancestors: attention to simple beauty, respect for the environment, and creativity.